My Approach to Psychotherapy

I practice psychotherapy from an Integral perspective, which seeks to cultivate awareness of a person's whole self-- mind, body, and spirit-- and to honor the totality of that person's psychological experience (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, cultural, etc.). 

Within the integral perspective, I utilize mindfulness-meditation practices, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and a variety of other clinically relevant tools to help my clients experience psychological well-being. 

My personal practice of well-being includes regular immersions in nature, mindful breath and body movement (i.e. meditation, yoga, hiking), making music, writing poetry, and eating wholesome food. These practices have opened my heart and mind to a self I sincerely love and accept as my own, a self that savors existence and works to help others do the same-- in their own unique way.

My specialties include:

  • Personal growth (or Self-actualization) counseling for individuals ranging from adolescence through adulthood
  • Belief-focused EMDR for the healing of traumatic stress, unhealthy attachment behaviors, and anxious-depressive symptoms
  • Teen and family-related issues (i.e. substance use, behavioral challenges, individuation)
  • Eco-psychology (e.g. nature-based wellness practices, development of earth-based rituals, etc.)
  • Spiritual and transpersonal integration counseling (including phenomenon experienced while using controlled substances such as cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, etc.)
  • Adjustment challenges concerning intimate relationship, marriage, and divorce issues
  • Religious issues (e.g. existential fear, theological concerns, guilt and shame, congregational problems, pastoral support, etc.)

My Personal & Professional Background

I was born, raised, and currently abide in Portland, OR. I grew up playing soccer, kneeboarding along the Columbia River, and vacationing in yurts along the Oregon Coast. 

I received my Bachelor's of Science from Multnomah University with a double major in Religious Studies and Psycho-spiritual Development. Throughout my undergraduate education, I became passionate about psychology, human growth and development, counseling, and experiential education.  While attending Multnomah, I worked at a challenge course on Mt. Hood where the use of experiential education was optimized for therapeutic applications.

Upon completion of my undergraduate education, I moved to Sweden to work as a high ropes course facilitator, continuing to practice experiential education with therapeutic intent.  I became increasingly curious about how people heal from deeply held fears, insecurities, traumas, etc. and resolved to expand my skill set in clinical mental health.

I returned to Portland, OR and spent a little over two years working as an adolescent and group counselor at Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services.  While becoming immersed in the world of clinical mental health, I grew in my appreciation for the complexity of people's lives as well as my ability to form therapeutic relationships in the midst of crisis situations.

In 2013, I founded Khingswood Community Inclusion, Inc., a business serving individuals with intellectual and developmental challenges.  I learned a lot from the people I served and found myself wondering more deeply about the intricacies of the human mind.  I also began to recognize my affinity for psychotherapy and began to explore options for more extensive professional training in mental health.

In 2014, I was accepted into George Fox University's graduate program in Clinical Mental Health.  Once I began the internship phase of my education, I closed the doors of Khingswood Community Inclusion, Inc. and established Khingswood Counseling, LLC.  

I am officially an LPC Intern, meaning I have completed all of the necessary graduate courses for my LPC and am actively working to obtain the necessary clinical hours for full licensure.